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"Our team is committed in gaining your trust through professionalism and integrity, while maximizing the value of your belongings."



HTX Estate Sales, LLC Welcomes you to The Lone Star State's all-inclusive estate sale & liquidation team.

The HTX Estate Sales team serves it’s community by providing a proven and well-respected service to its clients. What separates HTX Estate Sales from other estate sale companies, is our attention to detail and our unparalleled work ethic. Our team is eager, passionate, hand-picked, tenured within the industry and committed to creating a respectful and professional atmosphere during all interactions with the public. HTX Estate Sales prides itself in executing a well thought out plan with proper preparation and working in a team environment. HTX Estate Sales, LLC co-owner Rick Salinas is a veteran and has been in public services since 1998. Because of Rick’s service, he understands how to connect with the community and how to genuinely build a rapport with all people he works with and alongside.


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     " I don't usually take the time to write a review of a company. However, I am making an exception for HTX Estate Sales due to their exceptional service during my estate sale. The owners and their staff were on top of everything from the first day I met them and throughout the final days of the sale. My estate sale was somewhat different in that I still lived in my house and was only selling a portion of my items. The owners and staff accommodated my situation by finding a place for the estate sale, transporting my items to the location, and making sure they arrived in their original condition. They ensured every item was cleaned, priced reasonably for me and the buyer, and displayed in a creative way so they caught the eye of the buyer. There are many estate sales companies out there, but I don't believe any of them would have worked as hard to get the results that I received from HTX. The most important thing for me was I grew to trust the owners and I would recommend them to anyone that is interested in an estate sale."   - H. Phillips (Client)

" I hired HTX to run my Estate sale in September 2020 and would recommend their team to everyone. Rick, Gina, Marla and their whole team are absolutely amazing to work with. Very professional and meticulous, they did their research on all my items and placed them at fair pricing without giving it away. Very knowledgeable on how to setup and run the sale. I would definitely use HTX again! " - D. Davis (Client)


Efforts to recognize veterans for their sacrifices they made for this country, HTX Estate Sales offers discounts to our veterans. Ask an HTX Estate Sales team member about these discounts.