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About Us: Meet the Team

Rick is a native of Houston and has spent his entire professional career in public service. He is a veteran and continues to serve the Great State of Texas. Rick is a proud Houstonian, and his family has a long history with deep roots in Houston. Over the years, he has come to understand earning someone’s TRUST is the most rewarding compliment. Therefore, he works extremely hard to ensure the folks he meets along the way knowing that being a man of integrity is paramount. Rick met his lovely wife Gina in Houston and they have 4 amazing children and grandchildren. Together they make an amazing entrepreneurial TEAM. He admires her patience and unselfishness towards others around her. Gina is also a native of Houston and works as an active realtor. In 2015, Rick began working for a prominent estate sales company in Houston. He quickly learned that he had a passion for antiques and collectibles. Over the years, he has learned many aspects of the estate sales business and is known for his unparalleled work ethic and his ability to sell. The cornerstone of Rick and Gina's strengths are their abilities to connect with people and lead in a team environment. Rick and Gina understand how to leverage partnerships with others in the estate sale industry and they strive to perfect their estate sales business by seeking more knowledge about the business each day. They value other people’s time; belongings and they have a “knack” for networking with others to get the job done! Together, they bring a cutting edge approach to their clients and strategize in "thinking outside the box" in efforts to make ALL their sales a HUGE success. HTX Estate Sales carefully hand-picked and formed a TEAM that has 20 years combined of extensive expertise in the estate sales business. Marla (TEAM Manager) is a perfectionist, she oversees that our client’s belongings are professionally researched, priced and staged to maximize overall proceeds. Collectively, our TEAM provides the client a well-crafted estate sale service while earning you the "MAX" for your valuables. We strive to make all aspects of our sales "second to none" by attention to detail, continuously "tweaking" until it's done right. From the HTX Estate Sales road signage, to the description-photos on the online ad, to the salesmanship within your home/business with the buyers, to the staging/decorating WE work tirelessly because we want our reputation intact, and well frankly it's the right thing to do!

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